The discographic collection combines 4 albums trough 75 tracks - the same number of selected composers who wrote music according to a specific classical methodology. Among all the retrieved music sheets the selected ones were carefully studied to fit the project conceptual ethos.

Aiming to a distinctive yet dynamic experience the track order was arranged accordingly.

The listener consistently connects more intensely trough each track due to a constant alternation of distinctive ensembles among the different musical eras. A pure relationship is developed as he explores the crescendo strengthen of the repertoire.


Production Plan


• Investigation process on gathering data and biographic details about the composers

• Search and retrieve of the manuscripts provided by the organizations involved

• Editing the gathered manuscripts - 585 scores

• Arranging the selected pieces - 70 scores

• Musical rehearsals with invited musicians

• Recording at the Namouche Studios


• Editing tracks - Namouche Studios

• Mixing tracks - Namouche Studios

• Mastering tracks - Namouche Studios

• Album release

Promotion Strategy

Media Advisory

Structuring of an interview and press release plan with audiovisual content to enhance the dissemination and promotion of the project among various media broadcasts - Television, Radio, Online, Prints, Apps, among others.

Digital Channels

It is intended to share an immediate personal perspective and exclusive content through the Instagram platform. This profile will allow the audience to follow the various phases of the project, posting selected and specific content to immerse the public in the project, contextualizing it with the theme.

At first the platform will have a strong promotional purpose, acting as an organic and effective way of engaging with the public.

Typology of contents:

• Tracks studio recordings capture of moments on studio, interviews with invited artists, clarifications of musical scopes, etc.

• Presentation of the composers creation of mini biographies about each composer.

• Historical contextualization articles that contextualize the project from historical point of view - dates, places, wars, events, etc.

• Documentary behind the scenes filming in Europe, interviews, exclusive testimonials

• Concerts pre-production of the show, behind the scenes and tour back stage, etc.

After the project is completed, the account will remain active sharing extra content that wasn’t included in the main project - other composers, other stories, news, curiosities, facts, secrets, etc.

Distribution Strategy

This collection will be presented to selected labels for future physical version production. Digital format will also be available to be released trough all online applications and music platforms — there are currently about 400 different digital and functional broadcasters online.

Internationally recognized Classic Music Festivals are also to be explored, namely:


BBC Music Awards

Classic BRIT Awards

ICMA awards

Gramophone Classical Music Awards

Diapason D`or Award

Edison Classical music Awards

Nederlandse Muziekprijs

among others. .

At the same time as the album collection is launched, samples are strategically going to be sent to notorious specialists aiming to national and international critics opinions and reference magazines such as:

Classical Guitar Magazine

BBC Music Magazine





Fono Forum



Musik & Theater Pizzicato

Rondo Classic



among others.

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