History / Culture

History / Culture

This project is based on a pioneer concept which aims to achieve the first complete phonographic record on classical music by fatefully victimized composers during war time as well as a world wide debut of several records of the retrieved music sheets.

In addiction to the original scores, which remained intact, several arrangements were applied on deteriorated as well on censored music sheets. The intention is to widen the repertoire to new musical instruments, enriching combinations, with the composers work.
Prompting to assume itself as an international reference both on classical and guitar music worlds, this audio record quests to a wider social conscience on the importance of preserving our cultural diversity. This goal is achieved with the collaboration of different nationalities joined by this cause.

The documentary emerges as an informative vehicle for cultural propagation assuming an important role of artistic character. By actively incorporating multiple entities on this project we shall be able to expose the truest historic perspective as well as sociopolitical scenario of that time.

Taking notice on current - troubled - times where human values seem to falling apart we intent this project to strongly contribute for art to play an important and active role on society. By leaving a manifest, an intervention in favor of humanity awareness for our own conscienceless and survival of mankind on preserving and respecting our culture.

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