The project Lost Souls of War targets a diversified audience with a strongly social, cultural and artistic nature. Objectively is going to substantiate not just the work and life of those who lost their souls but also focus on the details in which the conflicts occurred assigning them a well deserved recognition for mastery, great achievements and originality.

Due to its framework Lost Souls of War might be considered, at first glance, as a niche project but in reality because of the multidimensionality it aims to a much wider public that includes experts, enthusiasts and more wide spread audience.

Music is deeply connected to our cultural evolution, present in every social context, we can categorize it as a non verbal language that acts as a bonding factor since the beginning of human kind.

We want this Documentary to act and be seen as a bonding vehicle. Not just due to the common war and tragedy factor among the nations and people who suffered deep losses but also to act as a future prospect on collective memories. Histories inside History.

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