The Project

“Lost Souls Of War” combines a discographic collection and a long film documentary about hundreds of classical music composers that where brutally murdered during war times. The phonographic record is the peak result of a long term research process on gathering, analyzing and processing more than 580 retrieved music sheets, between 93 different entities, throughout 17 countries. Exhaustive hard study and work that the musician Mickael Viegas now wants to share with the world.

This project proudly involves several international renown musicians who wish to honor and magnify the work of those talented musicians forgotten in time.

Recording shall happen between October and December 2021, the documentary footage between April and May 2022 and the musical tour around the world from July 2022 ahead.

Special Thanks & Collaborations

Direção Geral das Artes, Portugal

Jewish Museum Prague, Czech Republic

MamLok Foundation, Germany

Orel Foundation, California, EUA

Paul Sacher Stiftung, Switzerland

The Gideon Klein Foundation, Czech Republic

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MamLok Foundation, Germany

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Zagreb Acadamy of Music

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